For this project we were tasked with devising logos and signage for the Waikaremoana Holiday Park (WHP) and Waikaremoana Tribal Office (WTO) – a Tūhoe Tribal Office being built to the Living Building Challenge standard (LBC). In addition, we were asked to provide a last minute solution to the cladding of the building to better integrate it with the environment, Tūhoe metaphor and add ‘te wow’ factor the client felt was needed. Materials selected would go a long way to informing the material pallete for the next phase of the project – signage roll-out for all of Te Urewera.

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So the Crown enacted its scorched earth policy – poison the wells, shoot the cow, burn the house and destroy the crops to starve Tūhoe to death. Inheriting that history shapes your mind in a certain way. You can become embittered but other things are possibly.

Tamati Kruger – Chairman, Te Urewera Board

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