Frontier Helicopters

The client wanted to refresh a brand they felt was tired and dated, and in doing so delineate one of their successful service offerings (White Island Volcano Flights) from the Frontier brand. In doing so we built a stable of sub-brands across 5 services, leaving Frontier as the umbrella entity. A multi award winning tourism operator with a serious commitment to excellence in marketing, we knew we had to deliver at the highest level. Helicopter trips to snap up the photography was a fun bonus! When are we heading up Te Urewera’s Mark?

pics down below

Frontier Helicopter's success meant they had grown to form a number of distinct services. Exciting plans for future divisions meant they needed us to lay the groundwork for a brand architecture that would allow them to market these services independently, yet still beneath the Frontier umbrella. First cab off the rank – White Island NZ.

Just thought I’d touch base with you and let you know that we’re wrapped with the website and bookings are flying in via the online booking page...YAY! We’ve had some great feedback especially regarding your amazing photos. I’ll be referring some friends for sure!

Anna | Frontier Helicopters

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