Kia ora.

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While we’re cognisant of our small part in making the New Zealand economy stronger by building better brands, we’re also mindful and humbled by the hard work put in by community groups, volunteers, and general ‘good buggers’ in cities and towns throughout the country. Like all (most) successful businesses we play our part year after year. Given our passion, supporting the Arts and anything that positively impacts children/families is our main focus. Think we can help you? Hit us up at

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Our Culture

We love meeting new people, understanding who they are and what we can do together. We help startups and established companies invent, build, and launch their brands or next products.

We're proud as punch about what we do here, and we want to bring some of that punch to your project. We strive to build and maintain client relationships. We're good people and we work with good people. Goodness everywhere!

Everything we do - I. mean. EVERYTHING - is focused on maximising the visibility and leverage of your business, organisation or institution. We do this by creating extraordinary relationships, design and value.

People are at the heart of everything. Whether a client or a team member, it’s like mum always said ‘if we treat people right then the good stuff flows’. Take care of the senses and the dollars look after themselves.

You can’t do business based in Whakatane without a healthy dose of Maori culture either. The Eastern Bay is a crucible of Maori culture and we’ve naturally developed a real affinity.

To get a better idea of why we aren’t your average business partner, check out our core values.

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Our Story

Being established 37 years, there is understandably a bit of a story here. The father of the current Directors, Garry Law, founded the business as Law Signs in the late 70’s – the days of traditional hand lettered signs. Well known nationally as at top of the field, if you needed brush work on a vehicle, building signage, mural or a gold leaf honours boards then he and his team were the ones to speak to.

While retaining his craft, Garry rolled with the times and kept up with technology the whole way through, eventually building in a substantial commercial print offering and graphic design studio.

Having travelled and worked abroad, the sons – Brendon and Joss Law, took over the business and evolved it into the Law Creative Group and continues the tradition of award winning work, but now on a more national scale. 37 years and we’re just getting started!

Our Process

The key to good work is our commitment to a proven process. 98% of our design work hits the mark on the first or second iteration and the reason for this is a rock solid investment in continually refining the way we work. From brief, to research, to mood boards, to conceptualisation, to refinement and final execution. Through blood, sweat and tears we’ve built a system that never fails. Trust the process and we succeed every time.

It’s not sexy (well – it depends what you are into), but systems in production, manufacture and installation are essentially our secret weapon. Continual investment in technology, upskilling people, and systemisation equals efficiencies, precision, reliability and quality for all of our clients. Win-win.

Our Core Values

Good Things Happen to Those Who Hustle

Our competitors are hungry and we’re definitely not the only ones grinding, but we do well because we’re hungrier. The difference is that some are content to ‘show up’, coast along and let the chips of their life fall where they may. Where as we say stop with the excuses and start busting some ass with a spring in our step, fire in our belly and eagerness in our eyes. Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.

People Want Solutions Not Problems

When faced with a problem we view it as an opportunity to solve it. Whether with a team mate or a client, our default response is to come up with an alternative, compromise or suggestion and not simply a reason why it can’t be done. We don’t say yes to everything - but before saying no we turn ourselves inside out exploring all options. There are more solutions than problems.

Give Respect and Earn Respect

There’s a line of common decency we don’t cross with ourselves, our work mates and our clients, we all expect the same in return. We don’t believe in hierarchy, we believe in earning respect. Respect is earned, honesty is appreciated, trust is gained, loyalty is returned. Be cool and kind - this is not life and death, this is just a business.

The Only Constant Is Change

It’s not the strongest nor the most intelligent business that survives. It’s the one that’s most adaptable to change. Change is inevitable and happens whether we like it or not - if we always do what we’ve always done, we won’t always get what we’ve always got.

Pro Vs Schmo

We understand that if we have to work then we may as well be the best we can be. Those that are content being mediocre won’t fit here. Pride in every piece of our work is non-negotiable. All work must be up to standard - or it doesn’t go out - we’re only as good as our weakest link. Schmo’s shame the Pro’s. Professionalism is not a label we give ourselves, but something we hope others will apply to us. A reputation is built.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Every. Single. Person. Committing to the team effort is key. Everyone takes responsibility for the energy they bring into this place. We sink or swim together. United we stand, united we fall.

Cheap. Fast. Good. Choose Two

We add value for our clients - this is what separates us from our competitors. We’re not simply selling commodities - we’re being paid for the intangible stuff - our craftsmanship, knowledge, skill and creativity. If a client is only shopping us on price, it’s because we haven’t done a good enough job of convincing them of the value we can create for them. The cheapest option is not usually the best option - the best option is the one that will give the client the best return on investment.

No Pain, No Gain

Life is a work in progress and we accept we will continue to make mistakes - mistakes are proof that we’re doing stuff. One sure way to avoid mistakes is to have no new ideas. We have the courage to admit our mistakes, to ourselves and to others. We’re happy to take responsibility for our actions and deal with the consequences. Repeating mistakes is a different story, the second time we make it isn’t a mistake, it’s a choice. The key is putting something in place that ensures we don’t repeat the same ‘mistake’. Only make new mistakes.

Work Hard – Stay Humble

We build reputations and integrity. We give something back, we keep our eye on the prize. We chase it, will it, work at it, make it happen and do it in style and with humility.

Success Is Not Just Measured in Dollars

Sure - we need to be profitable, but boiled right down - we are in the business of adding two things: 1) value for clients and 2) supporting team mates’ individual aspirations. Regarding team mates, we are all acutely aware that this business supports many families, which is why we work so hard. We believe in, and look to grow every individual within the business through a commitment to learning. Everyone shares knowledge, skills and encourages learning